Cover Art by Minerva Fox

Cover Art by Minerva Fox


Demigods is a magical realism role-playing game set in the modern day. All of the gods are real and every belief system is correct—all at the same time. In this fictional world the gods exist because humans imagined them into existence. At least a dozen different sun gods are pushing, pulling, or being the sun, while that same sun is a giant fusion engine ninety-three million miles away. Multiple truths! All at once! Lean into it.

Most mortals believe in the gods, or a god, but don’t know for a fact that they are real. The same human imagination that brought the gods into existence also lets mortals edit out things they don’t want to see. When a seven foot tall demon walks into a coffee shop, the barista can convince herself that it’s just a very tall lady, ignoring the blue skin, horns, and spiky tail.

Jason Mills

Jason is the author of this game called Demigods. His design goals include making games as diverse and widely accessible as possible and is committed to those practices as core beliefs rather than add-ons. He started gaming farther back than he can remember and has played just about every game and game system you can think of, because he's a little weird that way. Demigods is his first publication, and you can look forward to many more games to come. You can find him at @itsProbablyOk on Twitter. (spoiler: he loves talking about mythology)



Amelia Vidal

Amelia Vidal is an illustrator and character designer. 
          She started working in the animation industry in Argentina in 2004. In Hook Up animation studio she worked as a character designer, illustrator, layout designer and storyboard artist; in series, advertisements and films for Disney animation, Cartoon Network, Universal and other local projects. As of 2016, she began teaching digital illustration techniques at La Ola school. And in 2017, start working as a freelancer artist doing character designs for independent projects such as Demigods, commissions and for several animation studios and video games studios such as Dreamworks, Codigames, Powerhouse animation, etc. 
          Currently, she is working on a development project at Marvel Studios and as a cover artist for comics at BOOM! Studios.

Minerva Fox

Minerva Fox is a gaming and comic illustrator from the great City of Chicago. She draws influence from manga and western comics alike in her work. You can find her live on Mondays and Thursdays on and her portfolio at



Samantha Terry

Samantha Terry is an artist and designer based in Los Angeles. As a fashion designer, she has created licensed apparel and accessories for Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, CryptTV, and many more. She also works in graphic design for print, web, and video games; costume design; and jewelry design. When she’s not making some kind of art, she can be found playing tabletop games on HappyJacksRPG podcast or hanging out with her huge dog, Fenris. Follow her on IG and Twitter @redpandroid.

Aabria Iyengar

Aabria Iyengar is a professional TTRPG Streamer, Dungeon Master, and writer based out of Los Angeles. She is also the Head of Marketing for Dice Envy. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @quiddie.



Kimi Balcomb

Kimi Hughes has been producing content for the RPG community for nearly a decade. She is best known for her gaming company, Golden Lasso Games and her participation in the Happy Jacks RPG advice shows and actual plays. She has made many panel appearances at conventions around the US and is an Amazon warrior fighting for diversity in gaming. When she isn’t playing RPGs, she enjoys weight lifting and cosplaying her favorite comic book characters.

Adam West

Adam West is a Choctaw Two-Spirit originally from Oklahoma. He has made a career out of making things look nice on stage and for TV and film. Demigods is his first RPG art collaboration. He is definitely a cleric of the god of art, friendship, and beauty.