Basic Moves



Roll 2d6 + Prowess to wade into the fight. Trading harm is optional here. If your enemy has no way to strike back “Exchange” just means the enemy takes harm. On a hit both combatants take harm based on their weapons.

On a 10+ choose 3 from the list below.

On a 7-9 choose 1 from the list below.

GODLIKE: On a 13+ select all of the optons from the list.

• Exchange Harm (both combatants take harm based on their weapons)

• Protect Yourself (-1 harm to you, if you Exchanged Harm)

• Crush Them (+1 harm to your enemy, if you Exchanged Harm)

• Gain an advantageous position (+1 forward to next attack against them)

• Take something from your enemy

• Make an opening for an ally


Roll 2d6 + Mettle to get something done when the heat is on. Land the plane, pick the lock, hack the mainframe. It’s all you.

On a 10+ you get it done, no problem.

On a 7-9 there's a complication, choose one option from the list or ask the Herald for a problem.

GODLIKE: On a 13+ you do your thing and then some. This task is totally under your control and you won’t need to roll again for some time.

• Take 1 harm

• Something breaks

• It takes longer than it should

• The result is only partially effective

• Your next roll is with Fate’s Disfavor




When you use a Gift in a new or different way, push it beyond what it can normally do, or just do something real strange, roll 2d6 + Wyrd.

On a 10+ choose 2 boons and no banes

On a 7-9 choose 1 boon and 1 bane

On a miss choose 1 bane. The Fates will have their price.

GODLIKE: On a 13+ narrate a significant change to the environment and storyline.


A Gift is pushed beyond it’s normal limits

Heal 1 harm

Inflict 1 harm

Give someone else Fate’s Favor or Disfavor

Someone’s supernatural ability goes dead for a short time


One of your Gifts goes dead for a short time

Take 1 harm ignoring armor

Become stunned for a few moments

Take Fate’s Disfavor on your next roll


Describe how your character is able to help and roll 2d6 + Tangles to boost someone’s roll.

On a 10+ they get +1 to their roll and gain 1 Thread.

On a 7-9 they just get the +1.

On a miss you’re exposed to danger in your effort to help.

Provide Aid2-72-01.jpg



Roll 2d6 + Awe to convince someone that your way is the right way. If successful they see the merits of your argument.

For NPCs:

On a 10+ they accept your reasonable argument at no cost.

On a 7-9 they’ll do it, but they demand some kind of price.

GODLIKE: On a 13+ say hello to your new best friend!

For members of your Weave who choose to go with your way of thinking:

On a 10+ they gain 1 Thread and +1 forward working toward your plan.

On a 7-9 they gain 1 Thread.

GODLIKE: On a 13+ all of your Weave who heard your argument gain a thread and +1 ongoing while in pursuit of your plan.


Roll 2d6 + Judgement to see past the surface of things and analyze a person, place or thing. The lists are just guidelines, feel free to pick from different lists on the same roll if it fits.

On a 10+ ask three questions from the appropriate list.

On a 7-9 ask two questions from the appropriate list.

On a miss, ask one question from the appropriate list, and the MC’s answer may or may not be accurate.

GODLIKE: On a 13+ you may ask six questions.

Read a Person:

• What does this person want with me?

• Where did this person come from?

• What would make this person like me?

• How can I get this person to ______?

• Why did this person just ______?

• How does this person factor into our Weave?

Read a Place:

• What happened in this place recently?

• How can I get into/out of this place?

• Who owns this place?

• Why am I drawn to this place?

• What is the greatest danger in this place?

• How does this place factor into our Weave?

Read an Artifact:

• What is this artifact used for?

• Who made this artifact?

• Where did this artifact come from??

• Why am I drawn to this artifact?

• When was this artifact made?

• How does this artifact factor into our Weave?