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The Artisan

The Golden Fleece, Mjölnir, and the Chandrahas are all divine creations made for the gods, but it was the Artisan among them who crafted such wonders. You are the one who shapes the threads of Fate into works of art, weapons, armor, and devices useful to you, your Weave, and your Pantheon. Stand back, you’re gonna try crafting.


While you are dead, your shade in the mortal world inhabits an object or device belonging to one of your Weave, like their cell phone, car, sword, or armor. Roll PROVIDE AID to enhance its use in some way.


Architect: The underlying architecture of reality slides together and everything finally makes sense. Change something about an object. Something big or small, but the object will never be the same. Describe how. Alternatively this can instantly craft an Epic Item out of nothing.