The Trickster-01.jpg

The Trickster

Just like it sounds, whether your parent was someone like Coyote, Loki, or  rohirohi you delight in shaking things up. Tricksters are not always funny gods, but you see the world differently from most everybody else. You want to adjust perspectives, and will generally do what it takes to get what you want. This is lucky when your friends want the same things you do, and awkward when they don’t.


While you are dead, your shade in the mortal world is deftly able to annoy people. Sometimes your actions might even be construed as helpful, but always annoying to someone. Tie shoelaces together, swing the door the wrong way, catch a gun on its holster. You put the heist in poltergeist.


Bait and Switch: Why would you ever want to be the center of attention? Your Ascendance move lets you use someone else’s Ascendance in your Weave. You can either mimic it and control it yourself, or let someone else use theirs on your dime. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the wrong person was blamed?